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MOJITAX is an International Tax Training Platform that offers several specialized programs for tax professionals and persons preparing for ADIT exams. We also offer international tax consulting services for Multinationals and organizations in Africa.

There are three categories of international tax training courses at MOJITAX.

  1. ADIT courses
  2. ADIT preparatory courses are focused on the syllables of the Advanced Diploma in International Taxation (ADIT), Chartered Institute of London. Presently, we offer courses in Principles of International Taxation, Transfer Pricing and Taxation of the Upstream Oil and Gas sector. So far, we have recorded very high success rate among students who have participated in these preparatory courses.

  3. MOJITAX courses
  4. These courses have been developed to meet a specific industry need. Our team of tax experts study the trends and challenges faced in the international tax sector and prepare courses based on these challenges. Participants of these courses are given a certificate of attendance.

  5. Personalized/Cusomtized courses
  6. We also offer customized international tax courses for companies and industries. These courses are prepared based on demand.

MOJITAX - Tutors & Consultants

MOJITAX tutors & consultants have been carefully selected from tax professionals who have several years of experience in international tax practice. Each course features a minimum of 2 tax professionals from different jurisdictions, thereby giving students the opportunity of exploring the difference in tax systems. Most of our tutors have also passed ADIT exams and therefore understand the ADIT syllables and exam patterns.