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MOJITAX is an International Tax Training Platform that offers several specialized programs for tax professionals and persons preparing for ADIT exams. We offer online classes for persons interested in learning about aspects of international taxation and those who wish to write ADIT exams. At the end of each training program, students are provided an indicator and a course certificate. The indicator is given to every student that partakes on the course, and it provides an analysis of the student’s strengths and weaknesses for course topics. Students who complete a program and attain 70% pass mark, are given a certificate based on the specific training. It is important to note that during the duration of the course, students can choose to retake assessments until they attain a grade they are satisfied with.


MOJITAX tutors have been carefully selected from tax professionals who have several years of experience in international tax practice. Each course features a minimum of 2 tax professionals from different jurisdictions, thereby giving students the opportunity of exploring the difference in tax systems. Most of our tutors have also passed ADIT exams and therefore understand the ADIT syllables and exam patterns.


MOJITAX offers the following:-

  • ADIT, CIOT Preparatory courses: Fundamental Principles of International Taxation (August & Sept 2020), Transfer Pricing (Feb 2021) and International Taxation of the oil and gas sector (March 2021). Each course is designed to last for 8 to 10 weeks. 
  • Specialized courses: We also offer trainings & International Tax Consultancy for Tax authorities and Companies. 

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