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Principles of International Taxation ($175) - Self Study

Get your lifetime access to our self paced course, covering all topics in the ADIT Principles of International Taxation, module 1. These courses are constantly update as required by the Chartered Institute of Taxation, London. Enrollment is free and you also have free access to the first two chapters of the course.

Enrol and get access to Chapter 1 & 2 at no cost.

Topics covered

  • An introduction to domestic, regional and international double taxation
  • Permanent Establishment and business incomes
  • Investment/passive incomes
  • Taxation of individuals
  • Tax Relief: Exemption, credit and other methods
  • Principle of non discrimination
  • Dispute resolution
  • Entitlement to treaty benefits
  • Administrative collaborations and documentations
  • Transfer Pricing, Thin Capitalization & Taxation of the digital economy.
  • Tax Evasion and Avoidance
  • Indirect Taxes
  • Recent trends in international taxation

Length of course

The course spans for six weeks.

week 1, Students are introduced to the course. This week, students will have access to 25% of the course materials on the course portal. This includes, Chapter 1 - 4 of the course manual, podcast covering all topics, practice questions and 4 hours of zoom online class. .

Week 2, Students are to participate in an online assessment, with answers submitted at the end of the second week. To enable students answer these questions the tutor will make recommendations on academic resources relevant to the assessment. The tutor will provide a feedback at the end of the week

Week 3, Students receive 25% of the course materials and are required to attend classes by weekend.

Week 4, Students participate in the second assessment, based on what has been taught in week 1, 2 and 3. Tutor shall provide a feedback at the end of the week

Week 5, Students receive the final 50% of the course materials. Students are required to participate in 8 Hours of zoom teaching this weekend.

Week 6, Students participate in the third assessment, based on what has been taught through out the course. Tutor shall provide a feedback at the end of the week

Note that all live sessions are held during weekends to enable working students attend and participate.

Study materials

In this course, students will be given the following;

  • A course manual/text book
  • Podcase with video slides
  • Intergovernmental resources & links (OECD, UN etc)
  • case summary & analysis
  • Recommended academic journals
  • Practice multiple choice questions with answers & explanations
  • Essay & Problem Question assessments - with tutor feedback
  • Life time access to course materials


This course does not require any prerequisite knowledge


Munachiso OGU-JUDE

Jude is the Business director of MOJITAX International Tax Training Center, and an adjunct lecturer of law with UNICAF (University of South Wales & UNICAF University Zambia). He has previously worked as a lecturer at Université de Cergy-Pontoise, Cergy, France (UCP) and a legal consultant at Syed’s Law Care Solicitors, Birmingham, England.

Jude holds an LLB with first class degree and an LPC with distinction from Birmingham City University, Birmingham, England. He also has an LLM/French masters degree from Université de Cergy-Pontoise.

In 2019, he participated in the inaugural cohort of Texas A&M’s International Tax Online curriculum, where he and a team of tax professionals examined the OECD’s Secretariat Proposal for a “Unified Approach” under Pillar One and published ‘Comments and Recommendations for the OECD “Unified Approach” to Digital Taxation’.

Jude has published several academic journals and articles on Corporate Law and Taxation.